Interesting Excerpts From Some Old Minutes

The Keystone Canoe club was organized in November, 1883 and reorganized on January 9th, 1887.

December 1 1887 Established a monthly meeting on the 1st Friday of the month replacing the past custom of one annual meeting or a meeting called by an officer. Dues were established at 10 cents a month.
Jas. R. Bowles was expelled for drunkenness and conduct unbecoming a member of the club in and about the clubhouse and at the Decoration Day meet in 1887.
The meetings were held at the homes of members.

Dec 7, 1888 Officer names were changed from Captain to Commodore and Mate to Vice Commodore. Any expenses incurred above the 10 cent monthly dues were to be assessed to the members.

Jan 4, 1889 A motion to unite with the Red Dragon Canoe club under the name of Red Dragon Canoe Club of Philadelphia and under certain conditions agreed upon by committees appointed to represent the respective clubs. Thereupon a joint meeting of the clubs was held with Capt. Norgrave in the chair and the two clubs were formally united. There were 35 active members, The club colors were adopted as a blue background with a white keystone crossed by a red dragon.

There were no minutes found between March of 1888 and December)

April 1889 Executive committee instructed to rent the adjoining boathouse ASAP. June 26, 1889 a race for the club trophy was held with three entries and won by F.W. Noyes in 5:06. November 1, 1889 arrangements were made to build a new clubhouse by a Mr Ernest. February 7th 1890 clubhouse committee report accepted and the committee was discharged, however the Commodore reported that the club quarters might be changed during the year and advised the appointment of a standing building committee. War Canoe ready to be shipped. Meeting changed to first Wednesday of the month.

(NOTE: No minutes found between February 7, 1890 and January 19, 1891)

January 19, 1891 the club owes $37 on the war canoe, treasury balance was $8.91 and the value of the club assets were $333.
At this time the club was paying rent to Mr. Ernest on the Milton Street house.

March 20, 1891 the club has the right of refusal on six of the new boathouses to be built by Mr. Ernest and situated "near our old quarters".April 6, 1891 the club has right of refusal on a farm house on the riverfriint at the foot of 7th Street with the use of the lawn and the privilege of erecting a boathouse on the shore. Rental of $15 a month. Moved to sell war canoe for not less than $100. April 20, 1891 moved and carried to move from Camden to Bridesburg. May 6, 1891 House to be built at Bridesburg with the rent Dues were set at $100 per annum and to be finished by May 17 (NOTE: there must be a date error here) At this point the club name was Red Dragon Canoe and Boating AssociationJuly 10, 1891 meeting called at Bridesburg, no quorum present.

August 7, 1891 Lease has been signed for three years with an option of two additional years with a rent of $100 per year in advance. War canoe sold to Riverton Yacht Club for $80. Name changed to RDCC of Philadelphia.Six members resigned. October 20 1891 Committee appointed to look for new site for a boathouse. February 11, 1892 Report of a robbery at the clubhouse. February 26, 1892 Began to get price on a charter. March 19, 1892 Finance committee seeking ways to raise money for a new house. The club will hold a benefit during the last week of April at the Chestnut Street Opera House to see E.H. Southern's production of "The Dancing Girl". April 8, 1892 Looking at ground at Wissonoming and Tacony but found it impossible to purchase or lease such a small lot on the riverfront but they thought they could get permission to build a house and pay a small yearly ground rent but the owner would have the option to order us off at any time. The House committee reported they have a party in view who would build us a house for $500 with $300 down and a mortgage for the other $200 at 7% per annum. May 1892 Dr. Gross reported that the Morris residence at Wissinoming could be rented for $200 per annum and possibly less. Moved and seconded the club rent this property at as reasonable a cost as possible on a year to year lease with 60 day notice of cancellation due prior the expiration of any yearly lease. May 25, 1892 In new house. Dues now $1 a month July 10, 1892 named ladies day. February 3, 1893 Plans to be drawn up for a slip. The pursers dues were reduced by 1/2 April 7, 1893 Motion carried excluding women from the property on Saturdays and Sundays. August 4, 1893 Riverton offered to sell back the war canoe but it was rejected. September 1, 1893 some members violated the no ladies rule on Saturday and Sunday nights. (NOTE: OMG!) May 4, 1894 Judge J.E. Murray proposed a rule against slandering the club