The Beverly Yacht Club

How sailing came to the Red Dragon

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The Morning Post Camden, New Jersey 10 Jun 1880, Thu • Page 1
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The Bucks County Gazette Bristol, Pennsylvania 16 Jun 1881, Thu • Page 3
(This shows that the Beverly Yacht Club was in existence from at least 1879. They may be older but maybe didn't have an annual regata)
Courier-Post Camden, New Jersey 12 Aug 1901, Mon • Page 2

Priscllla Won on Time Allowance.

The new Beverly Yacht Club held Its second race on Saturday afternoon under ideal weather conditions. The wind was blowing from the south and carried the boats over the course in good time. The large craft were first away, with the Priscilla in the lead, but she was passed by the Gertrude at the first buoy. The Titania soon came up into second place and gave the Gertrude a battle royal for the leadership, and finally, when the breeze weakened, she came to the fore and finished first by a considerable- margin. The Priscilla, however, won on time allowance."

Courier-Post Camden, New Jersey 03 Sep 1901, Tue • Page 8

Gala Sailing Event

Yesterday was a gala day for the resident's of Edgewater. The high green bank was dotted with hundreds of gaily dressed persons, conspicuous among whom were a number of Riverton society folk. The event was the annual fall regatta of the Riverton Yacht Club, which is always sailed on the Delaware opposite Edgewater. This year it was held under the auspices of the Beverly Yacht Club. There were about twenty-flve boats entered, divided Into four classes, catboats, sloops, mosquito boats and larks. The boats started well under light wind, which gradually Increased into a good stiff breeze before the finish. The race was full of surprises. The Seagull ran away from the Butterfly in the light wind which she caught In the cove, so far That the Butterfly was unable to catch up. The Peerless won, however, by one second on time allowance of three minutes.

The finish of the mosquito boats was exciting, as there were only a few seconds between them as they passed the line. Handsome prizes were awarded to the winners. The boats sailed over the course of five miles, three times around. The Judges were A. G. Marshall, J. Harry Mitchell and Louis Flanagan, of the Riverton Yacht Club. dragon

Courier-Post Camden, New Jersey 07 Oct 1902, Tue • Page 2 (exerpt)

The Beverly Yacht Club has filed articles-of incorporation in the County Clerk's office.The trustees are William T. Kirk, Jr., Gilbert M. Wilson, Henry W. Hall and Jade C Wilson. The object is to promote boating and other athletic sports.

The Philadelphia Inquirer Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 07 Jun 1903, Sun • Page 14


Fiona Wins Race in the Beverly - Yacht Club's First Regatta

IVERTON, June 6 (Special). The Beverly Yacht Club had plenty of wind for their initial race of the season this afternoon. The easterly breeze came over the high Jersey bank in stlfT puffs that knocked the boats down til their lee rails were awash. At 4.05 the cat-boats were sent away up river. They crossed the line well together, but the Butterfly, from Riverton, the champion of 1901, and the Fiona, of Beverly, were soon cutting out a pace which the rest found hard to follow. It was a close race to the upper buoy, and the Fiona was first around, with the Butterfly close on her heels, and although the Riverton boat held close to her rival throughout the race, she was unable to close up the gap between them, and was forced to be content with second place. The little Peerless, of Beverly, on her time allowance, took third place from the Sea Gull, champion of the Riverton Club last year.

The Philadelphia Inquirer Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 31 Jul 1904, Sun • Page 15


Interesting Sport on the Delaware Yesterday Afternoon

The regatta of the Beverly Yacht was held yesterday afternoon over the club's course. There was a southeasterly wind blowing which came over the high Jersev shore in fitful puffs that buried the lee rails of racers. Its direction enabled the fleet to lay their course close-hauled for the lower buoy and run with lifted sheet up river.

Five cat boats came to the line when the preparatory gun was fired and crossed well together five minutes later with their sheets trimmed home. The Fiona, champion of 1903 took the lead and rounded the first turn a short distance to the good, but C. C. Rlanhard's Carolyn II was close on her heels and hung doggedly to her throughout the race, but never succeeded in closing the gap of water. The Peerless was a good third.

One of the new one-design class came upriver from Riverton. and J. Hamer was sole the jib and mainsail to come to the starting line.

In the lark fleet, five boats started, but before the first lap had been completed were strung out in a line with E. k. Cortright leading the procession, and at the finish he was nine minutes to the good.

The Philadelphia Inquirer Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 11 Jun 1905, Sun • Page 15

Beverly Yacht Club Races

BEVERLY. June 10 (Special).

The Beverly Yacht Club sailed its rst race of the season this afternoon under most favorable weather conditions. A stiff breeze carried the boats over the ten-mile course in a little less than two hours, and at times gave the skippers all they could do to keep from capsizing

CATBOATS Start 3:21 (I only include this because the winner of the Catboat class was Fiona, skippered by John Perkins. Now I have to find out who he was. Also the starting times for all classes was always an odd number) dragon
The Philadelphia Inquirer Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 20 Jun 1909, Sun • Page 19

Veteran Sea Gull Upsets When Rounding Bouy

RIVERTON, N. J., June 19 (Special).

The annual invitation race to the Beverly Yacht Club was sailed here today with weather conditions that made an exciting contest and good time records. Several of the finishes were very close, the difference being counted by seconds. A strong northwesterly wind prevailed throughout the race, keeping the skippers busy with their boats. The contest between the veteran Sea Gull and the Butterfly in the cat boat class was very close, with, the Sea Gull in the lead until she upset when rounding the upper buoy the second time over the course. In the start the Butterfly had a slight advantage, but the Sea Gull picked this up the first time around and maintained her lead until the accident.

The one-designers got a very pretty start, all in a bunch, with No. 4 in the lead. Tben came Nos. 2. 7. 8 and 1. The first time around No. 2 had worked into first place and won by 49 seconds, with No. 1 second.

The yawls and sloops were the last to start, and furnished five entries, and it was in this class that Beverly entered her sole representative, the Gertrude,. Captain Halloway. The Thetis, Captain Mattis, first, and Tekama, second. In the finish these positions of the leaders were reversed, the Tekama winning by 55 seconds. dragon

The Philadelphia Inquirer hiladelphia, Pennsylvania 03 Jul 1910, Sun • Page 31


Yacht Club Will Hold Annual Event

Special to The Inquirer. BEVERLY. N. J. July 2.

The Beverly Yacht Club will hold their annual regatta on July 4. This will be the opening affair of the season, and it Is expected to be one of the best in many years. The yacht club members are sparing no expense to make this affair one of the events alone The Delaware River.

Several young women of this section will enter the canoe race and the other water sports, of which many handsome prizes will be awarded the winners.

During the evening a band concert will be held on the bank along the Delaware Riverfront, and many very fine illuminations of all kinds of fireworks and red lights. dragon

The News Journal Wilmington, Delaware 06 Sep 1910, Tue • Page 8  (exerpt)

Beverly, N. J.. Sept. 6. The annual Labor Day regatta ot the Beverly Yacht Club, which was the final of the season, furnished the most exciting events in the history of the club. As the yacht races were opened by invitation to the Riverton Yacht Club, a number of boats from the downriver club participated.

The programme included larks, crickets, catboats, one-design races, speed boat races and canoe events.

Four trophies were contested for this afternoon. The Baldwin cup, presented by T. B. Baldwin, of Edgewater Park. was captured for the second time by the Lotus, Carl P. Mann, which now becomes the permanent property of Captain Mann.

The Sinex trophy for power boats, offered by Yice-Commofore John H. Sinex, was captured by Zip II, Thomas Hutchinson's fast motor boat from Woodbury, which has won all the races along the Delaware River this year.

The committee's man's

trophy will be awarded to Frank Macllvaine, who captured the greatest number of events during the past season. Macllvaine is followed by J. L. Wilson, a close second, who held the trophy for the past two years. Macllvaine won four of the principal events this afternoon. The lady's trophy will be awarded to Miss Dorothy Kirk.


The Philadelphia Inquirer Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 10 Dec 1910, Sat • Page 2

Beverly Thespians Give Play

special to Tbe Inquirer

BEVERLY, N. J Dec. 9 -- "The Players," a dramatic club of this city, before a crowded house presented the three-act comedy, Hearts Are Trump tonight in Odd Fellows Hall to benefit the Beverly Yacht Club. The play was well received and the characters excellently taken. So great was the demand for seats,that the play wi3I be repeated tomorrow night.

The Philadelphia Inquirer Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 03 Apr 1911, Mon • Page 3

(Exerpt) New Clubhouse

The new clubhouse on the riverfront being erected for the Beverly Yacht Club is being rapidly pushed to completion and the carpenters are now working on the second story. It is expected to be finished by the time the yachting season begins.


The Philadelphia Inquirer Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 10 Feb 1912, Sat • Page 3


Novel Sight Witnessed on the Delaware Around Beverly

Special to The Inquirer.

BEVERLY, N. J., Feb. 9. With ice fourteen to twenty inches thick covering Beverly cove, local horsemen today enjoyed the novel experience of horse racing on the river. Residents along the bank could scarcely believe their eyes when they saw a half-dozen horses dragging sleighs over a half-mile course almost parallel with that on which motor boats, canoes and yachts have historic records in many summer regattas of the Beverly Yacht Club.

Hundreds of spectators thronged the river bank or walked out on the ice to witness the novel sport this afternoon. An inch of hard-packed snow covers the ice, giving the racing animals elegant foothold, and the result was some very exciting speed dashes.

While the racing was at its height today a river steamboat passed down the Delaware within a stone's throw of the speeding sleighs, the vessel using a course just wide enough to permit her passage.

Courier-Post Camden, New Jersey 01 Mar 1913, Sat • Page 1


Has Played at Every Inauguration Since Grant Became Chief Executive

jennings ,

Having played at every inauguration since the year that Ulysses Grant became President of the United States, Jennings Band will again make (the trip to Washington this year, and will lead the Jefferson Club of Philadelphia, the leaders of the Pennsylvania Division. This year the band will comprise forty men and will remain in the capital city for two days.

During the last year the. band has taken part at the following events: Elk's Convention. Atlantic City; Reyburn Club, Harrisburg; inauguration of Governor Tenor; .Home Week at Vineland; Unveiling of New Jersey State Monument, Chestnut Neck; Atlantic City, reception to President Taft; Memorial Day morning in Camden; Memorial Day, afternoon with Meade Post No. 1, in Philadelphia; Independence Day, Walnut street carnival, Camden;, concerts at Court House Plaza, weekly during summer; Labor Day, Beverly Yacht Club; Spanish war veteran's parade, Atlantic City; Holy Name Society parade, Trenton, Bordentown church; Holy Name parade, St. Agathas Church, Philadelpnia; Munger & Long's department store, fall opening; convention of Republican Clubs of Atlantic County, at Trenton; Thanksgiving Day, Norristown Hose Company; Burlington Firemen's parade; Vineland, Halloween parade and ov-roast, Salem>

Courier-Post Camden, New Jersey 01 Mar 1913, Sat • Page 1
The Philadelphia Inquirer Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 26 Aug 1913, Tue • Page 11


The Beverly Yacht Club members have planned a very busy time for their annual Labor Day celebration this year, a series of canoe and motorboat races being the features of a program laid by the two committees in charge of the events.

The big race of the day and one of the most important of the season, will be the speed powerboat event for the Sinex Cup. The competition for this trophy has each year attracted the cream of local speed boats, and this year has proved no exception, for nearly very boat of any local reputation whatever will make a try for the honor of holding the cup for a year at least. The trophy is required to be won three times for permanent possession, the Zip 2d already having two legs on it.

The committee has placed three other motor-boat races on the program, a race for "crickets," another for one designers and a third for cruisers.

The Philadelphia Inquirer Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 29 Jun 1913, Sun • Page 6


Special to The Inquirer.

BEVERLY, N. J. June 2S. Wilson Hood, the 11-year-old son of Thomas W. Hood, made a thrilling rescue in the Delaware River when he saved from drowning Claribel, 11-year-old daughter of Justice W. Parker.

The girl had for some time been watching the bathers, and without knowing how to swim, jumped off the pier at the Beverly Yacht Club. Realizing her danger, she screamed for help. Wilson Hood, one of the best swimmers, jumped over into the water, and, after a hard struggle, succeeded in reaching the pier, where he clung fast with the young girl in his arms until assistance came.

Courier-Post Camden, New Jersey 20 Jun 1932, Mon • Page 12


Beverly, June . 20. George W. Rhawn, of Edgewater Park, has.been elected commodore of the Beverly Yacht Club.

Other new officers are: Ralph M. Shaw, Jr., Vice ccommodore; William H. Rhawn, secretary! Leverett C. Hartfield, treasurer; Franklin P. Jones, Jr., and Albert E. Beatty, trustees.

Plans are being made by the club for a regatta July 4. Members of the regatta committee are Stanley K. Haines, Meredith Ireland and Louis H. Kite. . Cricket boat races will be held on the Delaware river from the club's pier, every second Saturday during the summer.

Courier-Post Camden, New Jersey 29 Jun 1932, Wed • Page 18


Beverly, June 28.

A regatta, sponsored by the Beverly Yacht Club, will be held on the Delaware river, off the home of George W. Rhawn, riverbank, Edgewater Park, on July 4.

The yacht club was recently re-organized after 16 inactive years.

The water events will be cricket boat races, sailing races, canoe races, swimming races, and stunt water sports. Cricket, boat races will be held every second Saturday during the summer and at the end of the series a trophy will be awarded the winner by Ralph W. Shaw, Jr., vice-commodore of the club.

Members of the regatta committee are: Stanley K. Haines, chairman; Meredith Ireland and Louis H. Kite.

Asbury Park Press Asbury Park, New Jersey 23 Jul 1932, Sat • Page 10

Pennsylvania Youth Makes 200 Miles In 17-Foot Boat >With Gaff Rig.OUTBOARD MOTOR HELPS HIM AT ABSEC0N INLET

ISLAND HEIGHTS, July 23. A 200 mile cruise which included a run in the Atlantic ocean 50 miles up the New Jersey coast was completed this week by Walter Slocum, 25-year-old Ardmore, Pa., youth. The cruise is all the more remarkable In that it was made in a 16 foot open Swampscot dory with a gaff rig sail.

Slocum started out from the Beverly Yacht club on the Delaware river and with a companion, R. N. Tuller, of New York, completed the 200 mile trip in six days. Tuller did not accompany Slocum on the final leg of the passage.

"It was a pretty hard trip but I enjoyed It," Slocum declared. "We didn't get much sleep and what we got in the boat wasn"t especially refreshing because the boat Isn't built for sleeping."

The dory is to be moored at Island Heights for the balance of the dummer and will probably navigate Barnegat bay.

Starting from the Beverly Yacht club the two navigators sailed down the Delaware with a good northwest breeze .They sailed their tiny craft thru the maritime traffic of Philadelphia harbor and completed their first day's Journey at Wilmington on the Christina river. The wind fell off the next day and the dory made only about ten miles to Delaware City. The following day however the breeze sprang up and the two voyagers reached Cape May harbor after crossing Delaware bay. From Cape May harbor they went to Ocean City up along the coast where Tuller was obliged to return to New York.

Slocum continued alone entering Absecon inlet. Here he encountered head wind and an outboard motor he had brought along was used to bring the dory up to Atlantic City. Here a favorable breeze sprang up and the motor was taken aboard and the sails unfurled. The dory's cruise was continued In the shelter of Barnegat bny northward to the mouth of Toms River and the Island Heights Yacht club.

The trip was the first long cruise for Slocum's dory which was purchased last February at the New York boat show. Slocum, who admits he has sailed since he was able to walk, declared he had engaged In a number of practice trips on the Delaware river before attempting the trip around Cape May.

The Morning Post Camden, New Jersey 03 Jul 1933, Mon • Page 2 (excerpt)

Water Races Scheduled

The Beverly Yacht Club will stags canoe and cricket boat races and other aquatic events at'Rahwn's pier. Prizes will also be awarded in swimming and diving events.

Commodore Ralph M. Shaw. Jr., is directing the program with the following members of the committees Stanley K. Haines, Albert E. Beauy and Louis H. Kite. Frank McIlvaine will present a cup to the girl scoring the highest number of points in the swimming and diving events. A season's cup will be presented in the cricket boat races by Commodore Shaw.

The Star-Democrat Easton, Maryland 16 Aug 1935, Fri • Page 16



Wins Over The"Magic" In The Governor's Cup Race By One Minute

The racing committees of the Miles River Yacht Club had a greater number of entries in the various events of this year's annual regatta than ever before. There were over a hundred sailing entries, and one of the power boat races, it was reported, had more starters than was seen in any other regatta holding races for this type of boat.

At one time the sailing course had seventy-five boats competing. The committee sent away the moths, canoes Jersey crickets, scrappy cats, Johnson comets, sneakboxes. West River Albatrosses, and sailing dinghies all striving to make the course and cross the finishing line. It was a beautiful sight.

Back of these smaller boats were seen the log - canoes with sails filled and masts bending as the outboards were used to keep the hulls steady. It was a beautiful sight and one that thrilled the spectators.

Farther down the river the star boats, cruisers, schooners, and yawls were having their inning. Off close to the St. Michaels shore the power boats were competing. Lined on all these courses were the- spectators' boats from large mammoth cruisers , to the smallest power boats.

The following are the results of the races:


Jersey Crickets won by Barnacle, William H. Rhawn, Beverly Yacht Club, 5  points; second, Betsy, Frank McIlvaine, Beverly Yacht Club, 3 points.

(I edited out the results of other boats as irrelevant) dragon
Courier-Post Camden, New Jersey 02 Oct 1936, Fri • Page 4


Beverly, Oct. 2.

Harry Horner has been elected commodore of the Beverly Yacht Club for the coming year. He succeeds A. Karl Fischer.

David Grimes is the new vice commodore and Francis Beugless is secretary, with Klrkland Marter as treasurer.

Again this year Beverly Llnderman has been appointed chairman of the club's regatta committee and other members of the committee are: A. C. MacElroy and J. C. Holloway.

The last sailing races of the year will be held under the club's auspices tomorrow when 12 crickets and two comets will race from here around Burlington Island. On Sunday the club will go to he Delaware River Club at Torresdale, Pa., and participate with members of the host club and the Riverton Yacht Club.

(The headline does not match the story!) dragon
The Philadelphia Inquirer Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 07 Sep 1936, Mon • Page 18

Horner Leads in Series for Commodore's Cup Despite Loss to Kane


The Beverly Yacht Club, one of the oldest groups of wind-jammers on the Delaware, is ready for Its biggest event of the season, the annual Labor Day regatta.

Entries from Pennsylvania and Maryland, as well as New Jersey, are expected today by the Jersey club, which has it float Just below the Bristol-Burlington bridge.

The trim crickets of the home club will conclude their series of point races for the Commodore's Cup at 11 A. M., and then they will compete against the visiting craft In the four afternoon sailing events scheduled by Bev Linderman, chairman of the regatta committee.

The afternoon schedule calls for crickets at 2.30, dusters at 2.35, comets at 2.40 and the free-for-all at 4.00. Strong representations are expected from the nearby Red Dragon and Riverton clubs.

Morning competition In the cricket class will be more or less of a formality, as Harry Horner, of Beverly, has virtually clinched the Commodore's Cup.

Horner trailed Brian Kane across the finish line yesterday, after acquiring an early lead, but is so far ahead in the series that it will be impossible for him to lose, providing he starts today.

Kane's time for the four-mile course was 1.31.40. Horner was 55 seconds slower, nosing out Bob Levin for second place by five seconds. Lack of wind hampered the skippers.

The Beverly Yacht Club was formed in 1865. Point races are staged every week-end from May to October.

(Now we know when the Beverly Yacht Club was formed - 1865)
Courier-Post Camden, New Jersey 30 Apr 1937, Fri • Page 11


Beverly. April 30.

Members of the Beverly Yacht Club will open their summer season or acquatic activities with cricket boat races on the Delaware river tomorrow.

Tomorrow's races will be the first In a series to be sailed weekly, each Saturday until July 17. with the winner to be awarded the Commodore's Cup.

The club'a members will sail In the Somerville Cup Series, the Rhawn Trophy Series and the B. Y. C. Series and will participate in several regattas during the Summer.

The Riverton Yacht Club regatta will be held June 13; Red Dragon Canoe Club, June 20: the Baverly Yacht Club, Labor Day; and ths Delaware River Yacht Club, Sept. 19.

Courier-Post Camden, New Jersey 11 May 1936, Mon • Page 28


Beverly, May 11

The Beverly Yacht Club will enjoy an extensive schedule of sailing events, beginning May 23 and continuing into October, Commodore Carl Fisher announces.

The schedule begins May 23 with a free-for-all race designed to attract all the club's skippers. Another similar race will be held October 8. These races will start at Beverly Cove and will be around either Burlington or Delanco Islandsa, the wind to determine th direction.

Cricket class boats will mark most of the Summer racing. There will be a series for the Commodore's Cup during the Summer, starting Memorial Day and ending Labor Day. There will then follow a September series. Other classes of boats will also compete in special events.

The dates of the Commodore's Cup races for Cricket boats ar May 30, June 8. 13, 20, 27, July 4, 11. 18, August 22, 29, September 8 and 7. The September series races for cricket boats are listed for September 8, 12, 19 and 28.

Courier-Post Camden, New Jersey 28 Sep 1936, Mon • Page 11


Beverly, Sept. 2S. A. Karl Fischer. 144 River Bank. Beverly, has been appointed by Governor Hoffman as a New Jersey delegate to the Atlantic Deeper Waterways Convention, to be held in Trenton October 18 and 17, it haa been learned here.

He will serve as a member of the committee for reception and entertainment of delegates. Fischer, well known yachtsman, is commodore, ot the Beverly Yacht Club and the Republican nominee for election to Beverly city council.

The Philadelphia Inquirer Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 31 Jan 1937, Sun • Page 45


E. K. Merrill Named Chairman of Committee Organizing Loop

Fmiss Spring and fall sailboat races will beheld on the Delaware River this year sponsored -by a new sailing circuit here.

Former Commodore Edward K. Men-Ill. of the Riverton Yarht Club, the "dean" of Delaware River sailboat skippers, was named chairman of the organization committee which Is working on plans for a Delaware River sailing authority to boost sailboat racing here, at the first meeting of that committee at the Delaware River Yacht Club, Torresdale, late Friday night.

The committee will confer with race officials of the Delaware River Yachtsmen's League, to work out details of formation possibly as a sailing division of the league. Following that point there will be final organization, racing rules, combination sailing schedule, and board of officials named to conduct and boost sailboat racing on the Delaware, in a real lively effort to bring back sailing here to the stage of a few years ago when the Delaware led the country in the sport.

Representatives of four up-river clubs are on the orginization committee, They are Beverly Llnderman, of the Beverly Yacht Club; Al Hopkin, Jr., of the Delaware River Y. C, who Is also South Jersey Star class champion; and Harold Kaufmann, of the Quaker City Y. C, in addition to Chairman Merrill. Clifford E. Cartledge, of the Delaware River Y. C, is secretary of the committee.

Decision to organize a sailing authority was unanimously reached at the open sailboat conference Friday night, attended by fifty or more leading skippers from this entire district, including representatives of South Jersey, Barnegat Bay, and the Chesapeake Bay in addition to local waters. Delegates from the Yachtsmen's League offered full co-operation.

The organization eommlttee of four men was named, with Instructions to present the proposal to their respective clubs within the next week for approval, while the mntter will also be laid before the Yachtsmen's League at its February meeting at the Hotel Walton Tuesday night. Another meeting of the comference to proceed with organization will be called Monday, February 8, at the Delaware River Club.

Want Joint Schedule

All of the clubs agreed to hold back their season racng schedules pending organization, and the idea was advanced that a combination schedule should be drawn to eliminate conflicts. Major spring and fall regattas are under consideration open probably to skippers from any club in the East.

Strongly urging formation of a sailing circuit here were Dr. John Eiman, of Cynwyd, president of the Comet Class Yacht Racing Association of America ; William James, Ocean City Y. C; E. Clayton Jenkins, Stone Harbor Y. C; Dr. Charles F. Voorhls. commodore of Riverton Y. C; W. Lyle Holmes, commodore of the home club; and Commodore Harry O. Horner, of Beverly Y. C.

Offering full co-operation of the Yachtsmen's League in getting the sailboat campaign off to a flying start in its first year was Commodore Charles Stevenson, regatta chairman, Russell Lamb, of Ocean Oate Y. C., lauded the Barnegat Bay Yacht Racing Association set-up as a model for the Delaware, since racing has thrived for many years on Barnegat under Its auspices.

Courier-Post Camden, New Jersey 12 Jun 1937, Sat • Page 13


Beverly Club Holds Races Today; Big Regatta at Riverton Tomorrow

Beverlv, June 12.

The Beverly Yacht Club will sponsor the seventh of a series of 12 Commodore Cup races for crickets at the cove here today.

At the present time, the leader is William Sommerville. who has chalked up 26 points. Two are dead locked for runner-up honors, namely, Harry Horner and Ingo Stephan. who each have 23 points. Brian Kane has 21, Frank Mcllvalne, 16, James Stokes, 8, Brian Kane Jr., five and Bill Rhawn, three.

There will be no race in the Sommerville Cup Series, a free-for-all, this Sunday or next Sunday because of the Delaware River Yacht Racing Association regattas being held on these dates.

Riverton, June 12. Tomorrow will be a big day for river racing enthusiasts when skippers from Burlington county clubs will compete in an open regatta at the Riverton Yacht Club./p>

It will mark the first big regatta of the season, and will help to bring back the memories of the active seasons of yesteryears. The regatta will be sponsored by .he Delaware River Yacht Racing Association.

Florence will bring some Duster class boats, and Delaware River Y. C, located at Torresdale. Pa., should have quite a few boats in the star class.

The Beverly Yacht Club will present. a number of cricket boats and a representative of this organization should come across the timsh line first in the lone race in this class. Beverly also is to have possibly two entries in the comet class.

Edward Merrill, chairman of the regatta committee of Riverton Y. C, and president of the Delaware River Yacht Racing Association, is to be among those in charge of the program.

This will he the first of four association regattas this season. Others will find the skippers competing at Red Dragon Y. C. on June 20;at Beverly Y. C. September 19.

The star class race will be started 2.20 o'clock, and the cricket, comet and duster crafts will be sent off in five-minute intervals thereafter. Free-for-all race will start at 4 o'clock.

Courier-Post Camden, New Jersey 24 Aug 1937, Tue • Page 15


Series to Open, on Sept. 4; Point System to Decide Cup Winner

Beverly. Aug. 21

Skippers at the Beverly Yacht Club are preparing themselves for the major race of the season, the ones for the Beverly Yacht Club Cup

The first races of a series for this cup will be held on Sept. 4, and closese with a race on Oct. 2.

Beverly Linderman, who is chairman of the club's regatta committee, has already drawn up the program for the Beverly Y. C. regatta at the Cove on Sept. 6 Invitation have been sent to skippers of the Delaware River Club, Riverton and Florence clubs to attend and participate in the races.

The program la to start at 2:30 o'clock with a cricket race. A race for comets begins five minutes later, and at 2:40 o'clock the dusters will stage a race. A free-for-all contest for boats 10 feet and under is to start at 4 o'clock, and soon after the free-for-all for boats 16 feet and over will be started.

Linderman has written to Congressman P. Lane Powers requesting a coast guard patrol boat be sent down to keep the clear. Powers is expected to attend the regatta.

The third of a series of five cricket boat races for the Rhawn Trophy will be staged Saturday. Aug. 28 and fourth on Sunday. Aug. 29. The final one is scheduled for Sept 4.

The regular point system is being put into force. Skippers receive one point for starting, one for finishing, and one for each boat beaten In the race. Commodore Harry Horner, winner of Somerville Cup Series, and Phil Somerville, who copped the Commodore's Cup Series are among the entrants.

The Philadelphia Inquirer Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 30 Aug 1937, Mon • Page 21


STONE HARBOR, N. J., Aug. 29. E. K. Merrill, veteran Riverton Yacht Club skipper, and his youthful crew, 15-year-old Nancy Landis of Wyncote, Pa., won the comet class championship in Stone Harbor's third annual sailboat regatta by sailing his Shufly to victory in all three races of the two-day program which closed this afternoon.

By making a clean sweep of the series, the Shufly piled up a total of 68 3/4 points, compared to the 58 that John C. Simons, of the Stone Harbor Yacht Club, accumulated by placing fifth in his Jackenpop in the first race, third In the second event and fifth in the final contest this afternoon.

Four Beverly Yacht Club entries captured the first four positions In the cricket class, with top honors going by a one-point margin to Ingo Stephan's Squally, which won Saturday's race, scored an exciting 7-second victory this morning and crossed the line third this afternoon. The Squally, with 28 1/4 points, nosed out Phillip Summervell, another Beverly skipper, and his craft, who captured Saturday's contest, placed second this morning and fourth this afternoon.

The Morning Post Camden, New Jersey 25 Sep 1937, Sat • Page 21

Major Trophy of Season to Be Decided Today; Three Are Contenders

Beverly, Sept. 25.

The final race will be staged by skippers today to determine the winner of the Beverly Yacht Club Cup, the major racing trophy of the year.

Three skippers who are waging a merry battle for this trophy in the cricket series are Brian Kane, who has 26 points for four of the five races, and Ingo Stephan and James Stokes, each of whom has 24 points.

The Beverly Yacht Club Cup Is the third final club award of the season, and the coming final race should be an exciting one.

Stephan held the lead at tne start by winning the first race, and maintained his advantage by copping the second as well. He won only two markers in the third race, won by Phil Somerville, snd Brian Kane passed him. Stokes came up fast last week by taking the fourth race, but Kane also made a strong showing by coming in second, and still holds an sdvantage.

The final race will be held In the Cove on the Delaware off the Beverly shore.

Commodore Harry Horner copped the Somerville Series Cup; Philip Somerville the Commodore's Cup; and Brian Kane recently won the Rhawn Series trophy. dragon

The Philadelphia Inquirer Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 27 Sep 1937, Mon • Page 19


A youthful Beverly Yacht Club skipper, with his lady fair as crew-mate, romped away with principal honors in the Delaware River's final sailing regatta of the season yesterday when they sailed their tiny 15- foot cricket class yacht to a pair of stirring victories on the upper river at Torresdaie.

Phil Summervllle, and Miss Jane Hartfield, 18, sailed their cricket yacht, No. 9, to a surprising victory in the 4-mile free-for-all, beating out a field of 34 starters in one of the hardest fought races of the year, after having earlier taken the honors in the cricket class event by a minute.

The regatta was staged under the auspices of the Delaware River Yacht Club under Ideal sailing conditions. It was sanctioned by the Delaware River Yacht Racing Association.

The Morning Post Camden, New Jersey 05 Aug 1939, Sat • Page 13


Beverly, Aug. 4.

Two Beverly youths are today well on their way on a 500-mile cruise in a 15-foot sailboat. They are Nelson Codding, 16, of the RiVerbank, and Brian Kane, Jr., 15, of Warren street.

They reached Oxford, Md., yesterday after a week's travel and took part there in a regatta. Now they are on their way to the Miles River Yacht Club at St. Michaels, Md., where they will again participate in some races. The boys will be gone about three weeks.

Codding's father, Charles Codding, is a member of the Beverly Yacht Club, and Brian Kane, Sr., is a graduate of the U. S. Naval Academy.

The Philadelphia Inquirer Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 06 Aug 1939, Sun • Page 35

Levin Victor In Comet Race


Robert H. Levin, of the Beverly Yacht Club. Beverly, N. J., led 52 boats home in the first annual Atlantic coast championship for Comets, held under the auspices of the Seaside Park Yacht Club.

Levin covered the eight-mile course in 1.54.9 and defeated the world champion, E. K. Merrill, of Riverton, N. J.. who was at the tiller of Shufly. The winner's margin was 44 seconds over the titiist.

Douglas McNitt, of Raritan Yacht Club, Raritan. N. J.. was third with P. A. Somervell, also of Beverly, sailing Syrocco, fourth, and Harry Hoper of Island Heights Yacht Ciub, sailing Blanch, fifth.

The Morning Post Camden, New Jersey 08 Sep 1939, Fri • Page 27


Beverly, Sept. 8. Bob Levin, the 21-year-old sailing sensation, will represent the Beverly Yacht Club at the Comet nalionals to be staged in Oxford, Md., today, tomorrow and Sunday, it was announced by Bev Lindorman, veteran regatta chairman of the organization.

Because of his consistent triumphs over the veteran Ed Merrill, of the Riverton Yacht Club, defending international comet champion, this season, Levin will enter the nationals a strong favorite to cop the title.

Chalking up 11 first places in major races this summer gained Levin the Eastern championship. One of his most impressive victories was the first annual Atlantic Coast championship for Comets. He finished first and sixth in a series of three races, defeating a fleet of 52 starters.

The Philadelphia Inquirer Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 26 Mar 1940, Tue • Page 25

Sommervill Wins Ice-Boat Race

BEVERLY, N. J., March 25. Phil Sommervill, of Beverly, member of the Beverly Yacht Club, and prominent sailboat skipper on the Delaware River, has returned to his home here today with his ice boat and another victory scored yesterday at Lake Hopatcong, N. J.

The Beverly lad won two of the three-race series in the 20-mile breeze under ideal iceboating conditions, averaging better than 60 miles per hour in each race. Sailing with him as crewmate was Edward K. Merrill, of Riverton, Philadelphia banker, and former comet class sailing champion.

George Seger, skipper, and Hoover Seider, crew-mate, from West Orange, N. J., were runners-up in the series, in which boats from all sections of the East competed.

Courier-Post Camden, New Jersey 13 May 1940, Mon • Page 22


Final Week of May to Open Racing on Two Fronts;
Comets Move

Beverly Yacht Club skippers will race on two fronts this season, beginning with the open races to be staged the final weekend of this month.

C. E. Harnischfeger, chairman of the regatta committee, announced that the comet fleet of the club will race fromthe Red Drahon Canoe Club, Edgewater Park. Other races will be held at the Cove, Beverly, as usual.

It was explained the comet racers have joined the Edgewater Park club and the new influx of such active members into the Red Dragon organization, which has had a placid, non-athletic air about it for years will stimulate the Dragons greatly.

Beverly Y. C. has no headquarters of its own, and the comet racers desired to have a headquarters when they entertain visiting skippers.

The Beverly Yacht Club racing schedule for 1940 was released today showing that three series of races will be held, the first starting May 25 and ending on June 30, the second series beginning July 4 and ending July 28, and the third and final series opening September 1 and continuing through September 29.No racing is held m the month of August, the vacation month.

Altogether the club skippers will engage In a total of 32 engagements, including regattas, during tne season. Working with Hamischfeger on the regatta committee are Beverly Linderman ana Brian B. Kane.

Linderman is commodore of the club, Philip Somervell is vice commodore, Robert Levin treasurer, and Harry Horner is secretary.

Harnischfeger showed that Bob Levin, 1939 National comet champion, a Beverly youth, has decided to give up the comet for the star boat class and will race at Seaside Park this season.

The Morning Post (Camden, New Jersey) · 23 May 1940, Thu · Page 25


Fleet Will Race from Edgewater Park; Schedule Is Announced

Beverly, May 23. The Beverly Yacht Club, which gained wide prominence last season when its present treasurer, Bob Levin, clinched the 1939 national comet championship, launches an ambitious schedule of races for the coming season this week-end.

Carl E. Harnischfeger, chairman of the regatta committee, announced the slate will be divided into three series, with the first beginning this week-end and continuing until June 30; the second from July 4 to July 28; and the third from September 1 to 29.

It was also revealed by Harnischfeger, because the Beverly club has no headquarters, the popular comet fleet of the club will race from the Red Dragon Canoe Club in Edgewater Park, which is only a short distance up the Delaware from the Cove where the Beverly boys will hold their other races as in past years.

A blow to the club is the decision of Levin to change to the Star boat class this season at Seaside Park, and give up the comet.

The skippers, under Commodore Beverly Linderman, face a busy season of 32 engagements, including regattas. Philip Somervell, one of the club's leading skippers, is vice commodore; Harry Horner, secretary; and Levin, treasurer, Assisting Harnischfeger on the regatta committee are Brian B, Kane and Linderman.

Courier-Post Camden, New Jersey 03 Jul 1940, Wed • Page 12

Regatta At Beverly

The community celebration of Independence Day in Beverly will center around the aquatic events of a gala regatta sponsored by the Beverly Yacht Club. The program of the regatta, as announced by Beverly Linderman, commodore of the club, will include swimming, diving, tilting, canoe and sailboat races. The scene of the events in the Delaware river will be at the Yacht Club's pier, foot of VanKirk and Walnut streets.

(This excerpt is interesting in that it gives the first location of the BYC. I do know that Kirk Marter lived at the corner of Van Kirk and the riverbank and next door was John B Perkins, and the third house  at 144 Riverbank, was owned by Karl Fischer, commodore of the club which coincidentally was where my wife Sally and I rented our apartment when we got married.)
Courier-Post Camden, New Jersey 05 Jul 1940, Fri • Page 12


Beverly, Bordentown and Riverton Groups Vie for 'Fourth' Honors

Beverly, July 5. Sailing regattas, canoe races, swimming contests, "three-legged" races and pie-eating contests featured Fourth of July celebrations around Burlington County yesterday from morning to night.

The youngsters turned out full force to take part in the festivities, and many today cherished medals, loving cups and cash prizes.

The Beverly Yacht Club Sailing Regatta, which opened at 1 p. m., featured a free-for-all sailboat race, which was won by Austin Haines and Stanley Gunn.

Winners of the Boys' Doubles Canoe race, at Beverly, were Harold Lehman and Martin Gennett.

In the girls' doubles, Elizabeth Codding and Gloria Lewis finished first.

Nancy Kane won the girls' rowboat singles, with Gloria Lewis second and Elizabeth Codding third. In the boys' swimming contest Donald Fisher won first, prize, William Cooper second and John Lehman third.

Winners of the boys' canoe doubles were Harold Lehman and Stanley Gunn, with Donald Fisher and William Cooper placing second.

In the swimming race for boys under 15 the winners were: first, Fred D'Autrichy, second, George Heinrich, and third, Harold Lehman.

Harold Lehman was winner of the boys' rowboat singles, with Fred Rapagna second and Frank D Autrichy third.

In the men's singles canoe race Donald Fisher was first, William Cooper second and John Lehman, third.

In the -mixed doubles canoe race Donald Fisher and Elizabeth Codding were first;William Cooper and Shirley Lewis, second; and Theodore Codding and Gloria Lewis third.


The Philadelphia Inquirer (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) · 15 Sep 1940, Sun · Page 38


Reeves Boat Wins Title on Delaware

Craft Victor Over Field of 14 Opponents

Richard Reeves, of Summit, N. J., with his ll-year-old son Richard. Jr., as his crew, won the opening race of the 3 race series for the first National Cricket Class Championship on the upper Delaware River yesterday.

Reeves sailed his cricket yacht, Cricket V. to victory by more than four minutes for the five mile course to take the edge for the title, in a field of 14 scattered rivals for the crown. The second and third races are scheduled today, with the mornimg event starting at 10.30 A. M.

The events were sanctioned by the Natlonal Cricket Class Association, under the auspices of the Beverly Yacht Club, and the races were held off Beverly. The winning craft flew the colors of the Pocono Lake Yacht Club.


Jack Gennett, home skipper from Beverly, was runner-up in the opening event, with Pest. Bob Lehman was his crewmate. Gennett just nosed out second honors in the light breezes from another Beverly boat, Jiminy, sailed by Bob Knipe and George Helnrlck. after they were bow to bow most of the way around the two lap course. Squally, failed by Al Carr and A. East, also of Beverly, was fourth.

The series opened in an almost dead calm, what breeze there was coming out of the southeast as entries from Pocono Lake, and the Chesapeake Bay met those of the Delaware River for the title. So light wes the breeze thst the first race was called off owing to the two-hour time limit, and the race immediately resailed. A little more wind sprang up and saved the day.


This is the first year for the cricket championship event, as the class was only recently organized, and Beverly Linderman, for years prominent in Delaware River sailing, was regatta chairman. Jack Gennett, runner-up in the event, is a student at Burlington High, and member of the football squad. He led much of the way in the first attempt, before the' boats were becalmed, and the race cancelled. However, in the resail. he trailed Reeves much of the way, although Knipe was ahead of him several times, when he guessed better as to the tide.


The Philadelphia Inquirer Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 16 Sep 1940, Mon • Page 20

Gennett Wins Cricket Boat Title in Sail Championship

Jack Gennett. 18-year-old football player for Burlington High, was crowned National Cricket Class sailing champion yesterday in the titular regatta on the upper Delaware River at Beverly, N. J.

Gennett won the first cricket class title by one point, when he finished second in each race of the three-race series, the last two of which were held yesterday morning and afternoon, following Saturday's opener.

The regatta was sponsored by the Beverly Yacht Club with the sanction of the National Cricket Class Association. Gennett is a guard on the Burlington eleven, but is also something of a sailing skipper on his yacht, called The Pest, and represented the Beverly Club. The winning total was 39 points. His crew-mate was 14-year-old Harold Lehman, freshman at Burlington High.

Brian B. Kane. Sr., another Beverly skipper, with Carter Hartfield as crewmate, was runner-up for the title, scoring 38 points with his Pop Eye. Kane triumphed both in the morning and afternoon races. However, a fifth place in Saturday's opener ruined his chances for the championship.

The Philadelphia Inquirer Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 15 Sep 1941, Mon • Page 25
near miss
The Philadelphia Inquirer Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 15 Sep 1941, Mon • Page 25

Sailing Title Won by Kane

Brian B. Kane, Philadelphian, who has been secretary of the National Cricket Class Association since it was organized, won the national sailing championship in the class, in the titular regatta yesterday on the Up per Delaware River at Beverly, N. J.

Kane sailed his 15-foot boat Popeye to the championship, keeping the title in the Beverly Yacht Club for another year, when he won two of the three races. He finished second in the other, to amass a total of 29 points for the title.


Sailing with him as crew was 11 year-old Dick Stephan, Beverly grammar school pupil.

In victory Kane dethroned John Gennett, another Beverly Club skipper, who finished third in the final standing. Second honors to Kane went to his 17-year-old son, Brian Kane, Jr., who sailed the un-named cricket No. 8, with Carter Hartfield, 15, as his crewmate.

Young Kane and Gennett were tied in the point standing at 23 points each for the runner-up honors, and in a special one-lap sail-off, Kane nosed out Gennett in a beautiful bow-and-bow race by only a boat length to take the second trophy for the series. Kane also had been winner of the first race of the three-race series when he nosed out his father in a pretty race, with Gennett third.

The older Kane romped home an easy winner in the second race of the day, with Bob Fuller, of Bethlehem placing second.


Again Gennett placed third, but Kane had trouble in the mixed breezes, and was sixth. The third race saw Kane senior again a winner, with young Austin Haines taking second. With second honors on points at stake on the result, Kane, Jr., and Gennett battled on even terms, with Kane nosing out third from Oennett and forcing the sail-off as they ended the series with 23 each. Gennet sailed the Pest, the same boat with which he won the championship last year.

There were 34 boats in the free-for-all, another feature of the all-day regatta, as a nice breeze provided perfect conditions for the final day of the two-day classic, after a complete absence of breeze Saturday forced postponement of the opening day's events.


Ingo Stephan, of Red Dragon Canoe Club, with former national comet class champion Bob Levin as his crewmate, won the free-for-all, sailing his comet class yacht Dragon Fly. Youthful Johnny Rogers of Riverton, was runner-up in Ed Merrill's old boat Shufly, another comet, while Nick Sheble, of Riverton. was third, in Merrill's new boat comet 1865.

Bob Lippincott, of Riverton, took major honors in the star class racing with his Blue Star, in a close finish on points with Ed Smith and Giles Knight, of Riverton, in Black Lion, and Bill Shoemaker and Ted Huh. Lippincott won the morning race, and Shoemaker the afternoon event.

Ted Clelland, of Riverton, sailed his Splitting Splinter to a handy victory in the duster class, while Johnny Rogers triumphed in the comets with his Shufly. Rogers sailed a fine race, to nose out Bud Farrington, of Red Dragon, the lad who recently placed third in the national comet championships at Sandusky, Ohio, in a field of 60 prominent skippers.

Courier-Post Camden, New Jersey 05 Sep 1942, Sat • Page 13


3-Day Affair Starts Today at Red Dragon CC; Beverly Host Labor Day

Burlington Sept. 4

A three day sailboat regatta will get underway on the Delaware river this afternoon and will come to a close at sundown on Labor Day.

The affair will be a combined regatta sponsored by the Red Dragon Canoe Club, of Edgewater Park, and the Beverly Yacht Club.

Approximately 50 sailboats are expected to compete, as invitations have been issued to major clubs throughout this district. The joint meet will be sanctioned bv the Delaware River Yacht Racing Association

Two national sailing champions will figure as judges for the affair. They are national comet class champ Phil Somervell, of Red Dragon, who is a lieutenaant junior grade, stationed at Dartmouth University, and former national comet champion Bob Levin.

Cancellation of the National Comet Class championships which had been scheduled to be held at Stone Harbor on the same dates has given a real impetus to the three day regatta. War conditions forcedcancellation of the championships.

Comets will be a major class in lhe Delaware regatta, being one of four classes recognized. The others are stars, crickets and dusters. In addition there will be a free-for-all open to all comers.

The first two days racing will be at the Red Draco club's headquarters at Edge water Park. Then after a dinner and entertainment Sunday night at Red Dragon, the regatta will shift to the Beverly wharf for the final day's races, Labor Day

Morning and afternon races are scheduled for Sunday for points in in the various classes. anernoon races are .the various classes. The first race is at 11 a. m. and the second the second at 2 p. m., both at the Red Dragon. A free-for-all is also slated.

The final point race for the four classes is Monday morningat 11 o'clock. A free-for-all open to ali boats will be held a 2 p.m. The holiday events are at Beverly.