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The Philadelphia Inquirer (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) ยท 23 May 1909, Sun Page 18>

Delaware Valley Enthusiasts Will Take Three-Day Trip

May 22 (Special). Two hundred Delaware Valley canoeists and many enthusiasts from central parts of New Jersey and Pennsylvania will take part in the May cruise next week under the auspices of the Atlantic Division of the American Canoe Association, on a three-day voyage from Trenton to Philadelphia, with many entertainments en route. The cruise will begin Saturday afternoon, May 29. and end Monday afternoon, May 31. The canoeists will assemble at the Park Island Canoe Association, Trenton, which has offered its club house and grounds for the use of visiting canoeists. A reunion and entertainment will be held here Saturday evening. The fleet will embark at 9 o'clock Sunday morning on the down river trip, reaching the headquarters of the Yapewi Aquatic Club at Bordentown about noon, where luncheon will be served, and the fleet will reach Burlington late in the afternoon, where the cruisers will be guests of the Lakanoo Boat Club. The fleet will spend Sunday night here, some of the canoeists In the club house, but many in a camp on the shores of Burlington Island, opposite the city.

It is expected that several informal speed events will be pulled off on Monday, the final day of the cruise, between some of the crack canoeists of the East. The down river trip will be continued at 9 o'clock. The first stop will be at the Beverlv Yacht Club and lunch will be served at Delanco. The fleet will arrive at the terminus of the cruise, the Red Dragon Canoe Club, at Wissinoming. early iu the evening, where the event will close with a dinner to all the participants. The Red Dragon canoeists have arranged to give an entertainment ln the evening, and many of the canoeists will be guests of the club over night. The cruise has been planned under the enthusiastic direction of Theodor Quasbait. 112 Spring street, New York city, assisted by the following committees from the various associations officially participating: Park Island Canoeing Association: Frederick W. Donnelly, William C. Lawrence; Trenton Canoe Club: William B. Maddock. William A. Furman: Mohawk Canoe Club. David S. Hill. Charles E. Tyson: Yapewi Aquatic Club. Almer B. Ayres. Louis W. H. Weiss: Lakauoo Boat Ciub. Henry B. Fort, W. C. D. Gauntt; Beverly Yacht Club, William K. Conard. Frank P. Jones, Jr.: Red Dragon Canoe Club, Alvin S. Fenimore. Joseph E. Murray, Harry W. Fleischman, Theodor Quasbart. dragon

The Pittsburgh Sunday Post, August 13, 1916

Canoe Body is Growing

New Division Formed, Including Baltimore, Washington, Philadelphia, Etc.

The American Canoe Association, an organization of canoeists now more than 35 years old, has formed a new Division. There have been only five divisions, but the association is growing, and the sport is one of the few sports that never has been professionalized, is increasing so rapidly it was decided to farm a sixth division, which will include Philadelphia. Trenton, Wilmington, Baltimore, Washington and Norfolk. All points in the new division- are connected by water routes, which insures cheap transportation to all the meets.

President Barrett, of the Maryland Swimming club has secured the Labor day meet of the Atlantic division, at which plans for the formation of the Delaware-Chesapeake division will be perfected. Canoeists from as far north as New York will attend the meet in Baltimore and introduce the latest ideas shown in .the style of canoe most favored by members of the association. The Washington Canoe club, which so ably assisted in forming the new division, along with the Philadelphia, Red Dragon and Valley Green Canoe Clubs of Philadelphia, has now a half dozen of the cedar racing and cruising canoes, some having been brought down from Canada

The American Canoe Racing Association owns an island among the Thousand Islands of the St. Lawrence, where the National meets are held, and has done more to develop the healthy growth of outdoor sport than any similar organization. Formed at a convention of canoeists at Lake George 36 years ago, its rules and regulations are now simplified.

The European war has had a bad effect, however, as practically all the Canadian canoeists, who form a large part of the racing element of the association, are now in the army, and as a consequence word was received in Pittsburgh last week from Commodore C. A. Spaulding of Buffalo, N. Y., that the race meet in connection with .the annual encampment on Sugar Island this month. has been canceled. This is the first occasion in the past 36 years that these races have gone by the boards.

As a result the visiting contingent from Pittsburgh will be small. In the past 10 years this city has figured prominently in the association's affairs, and local men have held many of the highest offices. During part of 1920 and throughout 1911 Henry CD. James of Sylvan Canoe club of Verona was commodore of the association.

Two years ago the Algonquin racing team of only three men took this trip and, after defeating the Buffalo canoeists in the Bison City, took a majority of the prizes in the A. C. A. regatta. Jack Allen, winner last year and the champion canoeist of Canada, is now with the British army on the battle line somewhere.